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A USDA inspector is always on site at the Processing Plant to ensure that all meat is inspected and processed according to stringent federal (FDA) standards.
The USDA statistics for 2002 reports that the average person consumes  67.7 lbs of beef per year.  For more information see: SEARCH ON "statistics" & see tables 3.1 and 3.2 per capita consumption. Cut charts are here:
Below are typical  approximations are based on “typical” cuts & yields and will definitely vary based on customer cut specifications.

Cuts Option 1
Size Cut Yield Per 1/4 Beef.Pkg.
3/4" T-Bone Steak 7 or 8
3/4" Sirloin Steak 3 or 4
3/4" Round Steak 3 or 4
3/4" Rib Steak 7 to 9
3/4" Sirloin Tips Steak 3 to 4
2-3lb Rib Roast 1
2-3lb Chuck Roast 1
2-3lb Rump Roast 1
2-3lb Pikes Peak Roast 1
2-3lb English Roast 1
2-3lb Pot Roast 1
3lbs. +/- Brisket 1
5 lbs Stew Meat 1
Yes Soup Bones Yes
1lb or 2 lb Hamburger 40each…1lb. Packages
  • Natural, Ranch Raised Beef, No chemicals, implants or growth hormones.
  • "Rinse & Chill™", reduces cholesterol and offers multiple other health benefits. 
  • See for details.
  • Born & Raised in the USA !

Processing, cutting & packaging costs are INCLUDED  in the price.
Local Colorado delivery (50 mile radius of 80104) is at "No Additional Charge" Out of area - Shipping  and Handling will be added to the price shown below, at actual cost.

Description SKU # Price
1/4 Beef 001 $800
1/2 Beef 002 $1,600
Whole 003 $3,200

Cuts Option 2
Size Cut
2 / Package Cube Steaks
1" Thick Filet Mignon
1" Thick New York Strip
3/4" Boneless Sirloin (cut in 1/2)
3/4" Top Round (cut in 1/2)
1" (bone out) Rib Eye
3/4" Tenderized Sirloin Tip Steak
Filet'd Flat Iron Steaks
3/4"  (2 Per package) Medallions
7 oz. Bottom Round Cube Steaks
3/4"  Sliced (2 Per Package) Tri Tip Steaks
3/4" Chuck Steaks
3/4" Country Club Steak
3/4" Pot Steak
2 lbs. Pikes Peak Roast
2lbs. +/-  Always Keep Brisket (cut in 1/2)
1 / Package Back Ribs (cut twice)
1 lb. / Package Short Ribs (2 x 3)
1 lb. / Package Stew Meat
1 lb. / Package Hamburger
1 lb. / Package Beef Liver (sliced)

Commercial Pricing

We invite and encourage Specialty Meat Resellers, Restaurants and all volume beef users to discuss pricing and availability.

Please call: 303-717-3000 or 
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Orders are filled and priced based on Hot Weight  in 1/4's, 1/2's or whole beef.
Other options are available based on individual requirements.
We encourage you to review the "Rinse & Chill™" process by visiting  the MPSC web site

Please send us an e-mail for information on processing schedule.

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