Welcome to Beef Direct 2 U !

Beef Direct 2 U is a Local Colorado family-owned "Natural Beef" producer, proudly offering our top quality custom beef directly to health and environmentally conscious consumers like you who want to know from where their food comes and demand the best in nutritional and economic value.

We offer top quality beef
"From the Farm to the Fork"

Our Mission

To produce healthy, nutritious, delicious, wholesome, natural beef of the highest quality, tenderness, flavor and consistency.
Our "True Natural" beef is raised the old fashioned way, on a diet of natural grasses; meaning no growth hormones, no steroids and no sub-therputic antibiotics. The cattle are USDA Inspected and are carefully monitored and finished on natural grains and forage to provide the incredible flavor, tenderness and marbling that discriminating palates have come to expect from Beef Direct 2 U.